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2.25 inch OBDII Round Catalytic Converter with O2 Sensor

2.25 inch OBDII Round Catalytic Converter with O2 Sensor

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Universal Fit Catalytic Converter by BLUEFLOW. Focused on manufacturing top-grade emission control products, BLUEFLOW will perfectly serve your purpose if you look for a high quality catalytic converter. Whether your catalytic converter is damaged by road debris or failed due to an engine problem, you definitely need a new one, and this product is the way to go. Made of stainless steel, the catalytic converter is designed to reduce dangerous exhaust gases, converting harmful emissions into less hazardous ones.

Product Details

  • Type:   Universal Catalytic Converter
  • Inlet:   2”/2”;25"/2.25"; 2.5"/2.5"
  • Body Type:  ROUND
  • Body Length:  9.13"
  • Overall Length:   13.07"
  • Substrate:   Ceramic inside 400cpsi
  • Material:   Stainless Steel 409, Aluminized Heat Shield
  • Emission Standard:   PRE-OBD; EPA; CARB; OBD; Euro II - EURO V
  • W.:  2 KGS
  • Engine: Gasoline


  • Converts harmful engine emissions to less dangerous gases and water vapor
  • Advanced design for maximum engine output
  • Proprietary NANO technology chemistry for maximum efficiency
  • Converter body manufactured from 409 stainless steel; heat shields from aluminized steel
  • Non-directional; can be installed either way
  • May require modifications for installation
  • Covered by 5 years/50,000 miles emissions and structural warranty

There are millions of vehicles on the roads, and each one is a source of air pollution. The amount of pollution that all vehicles produce together can create big problems, especially in large cities. To solve these problems, automakers constantly refined engine control systems, and one of these refinements is installing a catalytic converter in each vehicle. The purpose of this part is to convert harmful pollutants such as Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Oxide, and volatile organic compounds into less harmful emissions, including water vapor and Carbon Dioxide, before they leave the exhaust system.



Warranty Info

BLUEFLOW specializes in superior catalytic converter and exhaust technology and has spent the past 20+ years earning its reputation as a market leader. BLUEFLOW Catalytic Converters combine efficient industrial design to produce a product that exceeds, rather than meets, the highest standards of product performance and efficiency in the industry. BLUEFLOW uses Ceramic substrates with different combinations of cell density and wall thickness to meet vehicle specific requirements.

BLUEFLOW warrants that all Performance Products are free from defects. Most of exhaust products are warranted against blowouts and defects in material and workmanship for as long as the original purchaser owns the vehicle on which it was originally installed. The warranty is void if the exhaust products are not installed properly on the vehicle for which it is designed.

This warranty does not apply to any exhaust product which has been installed on any commercial or racing vehicle or which has been improperly installed, altered, or subjected to misuse or damage from accidents. Also, cost of labor and any additional parts required to complete installation of a replacement product are not covered by this warranty.

The warranty certificate, along with proof of purchase, MUST be presented to the BLUEFLOW service, when making a claim for replacement. The original exhaust product must also be returned and exchanged for a new exhaust product of the same part number.


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